Experts teach you to identify fixtures  2014-03-24
Various common lighting fixtures , such as chandeliers, ceiling lamps , recessed ceiling lights , wall lights, moving lights, architectural lighting, what the specific function they have?

( A ) chandelier :
   Generally lamps hanging on the ceiling,it is the most common use universal lighting,all types of models, direct , indirect, illuminating downward and astigmatism. Size for chandelier , and how much heads are related to the size for the room . Chandelier from the ceiling is generally 500 to 1000 mm , center of lighting source from ceiling is appropriate by 750 mm. Also base on the concrete needs or high or low .

(B ) Ceiling :
  Lamp mounted directly on the ceiling surface . Including those several types of lamps spotlights downward, astigmatism lamps and comprehensive lighting,light source has incandescent ceiling lamps and fluorescent ceiling lamps,its trait is lighting up ceiling,forming a bright sense of the whole room. Its disadvantage is to produce glare easily. sincere residential floor height is lower in general ,so widely used. But ceiling modeling, layout combinations, structure and use of materials , according to the application requirements, the canopy construction and aesthetic requirements.Size and interior lighting is compatible with indoor space,and the construciton must be safe and reliable.

(C ) downlight :
Refers to implicit lamps embedded into ceiling inside,lamp mouth is jointed with ceiling , usually belong to direct light type of lamp spotting down. This lamp is not applied in the general civilian homes. while used more in a room where has a air-condition and a ceiling. But because there is  a dark sensefor downlight , therefore , often used in conjunction with other lamps .

(D ) Wall lamp:
Wall lamp is  fixture mounted on the wall .It is interior decor and supported. Because not far away from ground , usually use low wattage bulbs. Height itself, the large at 450 to 800 mm ,the small at275 to 450 mm .  Diameter of lamp shade,the large at Ф150 ~ 250 mm , the small at Ф110 ~ 130 mm. Distance from the wall is substantially 95 to 400 mm .common  light source power , use 100 -watt , 150 -watt incandescent bulb for the large , use 40 watt and 60 -watt incandescent bulb for the small. It is available of compact fluorescent bulbs  to directly replace incandescent .

(E ) moving lamps :

can be placed  free for the need.table lamp on desk, floor lamp on ground fall within this line. It is the type of with flexible.height for large size floor lamp is 1520 to 1850 mm, shade diameter is 400 to 500 mm , using a 100 -watt incandescent bulb ; small height is 1080~ 1400 mm or 1380 ~ 1520 mm , shade diameter is 250 to 450 mm, using a 60 -watt or 75 -watt , 100 -watt incandescent bulb ; height for medium-sized floor lamp is 1400 to 1700 mm . The height for the large table lamp is 500 to 700 mm , shade diameter is 350 to 450 mm ,using incandescent lamps 60 watts or 75 watts, 100 watt ;height of small size table lamp 250 to 400 mm , shade diameter is 200 ~ 350mm,using

 incandescent lamps  25 watt or 40 watt ; overall height of medium table lamp 400-550 mm.

(Vi ) Architectural lighting :
Also called structured illumination device, meaning  linear or surface lamps fixed on ceiling or wall. Usually have roof, eaves plate , cover plate and light walls and other kinds of lamps. Structure lighting generally use fluorescent tube as the light source . Roof is indirect lighting ,eaves plate is direct lighting, the other almost is semi-indirect astigmatism. this type is usually used for the background or decorative lighting , must be compatible with structural elements of the building,considering as a whole. All of the above are various and lots of purchase,according to overall room style , function and personal preferences to select.
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