Interior lighting design techniques to avoid light pollution  2014-03-24

Summary : Many people have realized the dangers of light pollution outdoor, but the indoor light pollution problems haven't had enough attention. "light pollution" in indoor should not be reckoned, is there any way to avoid its hurt for health? Lighting design experts give some suggestions in this area .

    Many people have realized the dangers of light pollution outdoor, but the indoor light pollution problems haven't had enough attention. In fact, poorly interior lighting design also cause light pollution to a certain extent , affecting health life of the residents.

  Cause a lot of indoor light pollution , but the reasons for lighting design in terms of what it has in this regard, we ask the Beijing Tomomi lighting design to see any of the company's chief designer , he said: " At present, many consumers Interior Lighting Design existence of errors , mainly in : excessive lighting , lighting is too bright or dark , color complex, but these problems can be avoided in lighting design . "

Many consumers in pursuit of decorative effect , extensive use of lighting . In fact , the general lighting decoration budget should be less than 5 % of the total budget for the total project cost , excessive decorative lighting will not only make the occupants eye fatigue, decreased vision, but also a serious human eye cornea and iris damage , so people appear similar to symptoms of neurasthenia dizziness, body fatigue. The overly bright or dark lighting , make occupants as fatigue or decreased vision , increased incidence of cataract . There are many consumers prefer to design a colorful light . In fact, these colors messy lighting , in addition to harm vision , but also interfere with brain central nervous system function.

Indoor lighting "light pollution" should not be overlooked , is there any way to avoid its adverse health effects of it in this area lighting design experts have given some suggestions ? :

First, in the choice of lighting, should choose those with high color , high flash, stable performance characteristics of lamps. For example, with an electronic ballast fluorescent , LED and so on. High color , light, moderate , spot no flare, no aperture lamps, can guarantee the authenticity and comfort to see objects ; high strobe lamps can slow eye fatigue ; stable performance, high power efficiency lamps can , long life, the complete protection, greatly increasing the overall stability .

Second, under the premise can protect the normal lighting fixtures by cleverly set position to reduce light pollution. For example covert installation of lighting , avoid exposing high spot . Further , selecting a lighting glare measures can greatly reduce glare caused by light pollution due .

Third, the use of appropriate methods of indirect lighting , for example, by the light reflected off the ceiling light both uniform and comfortable. There is light at the ceiling or ceiling illumination uniformity and high demand areas are more suitable for use indirect lighting .

Of course, there are many ways to avoid light pollution and tricks here just a few directional suggestions , as well as more details on the application level, we continue to be explored and summarized.
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