patent applications of Guzhen lighting nearly doubled in the first half  2014-03-24
In the first half into the town economy steady , design innovation has become the holy grail of many brands .
    Nanfang Daily News first half of the town steady economic progress , while in town lighting industry development trend of design innovation has become the holy grail of many brands . In the first half , the town further enhance the capability of independent innovation , intellectual property protection awareness is also rapidly increasing.
    Reporters from Zhongshan City Lighting intellectual property rights center quickly learned that from January to May this year, the field of lighting patent applications reached 953 , an increase of 94.09% ; patents granted in 1609 , an increase of 32.43% ; January-June through town fast-track design patents filed up 224 .
    Data show that the town lighting of independent research and innovation awareness growing, innovative design to bring huge economic benefits , but also to promote enterprises to increase investment in innovation . Old Town is also active in the protection of intellectual property , carry out special operations against infringement of intellectual property rights, and strive to maintain a fair and orderly market environment. 142 were registered in the first half , closed 121 , clearance rate of 85.2% , of which 91 successful mediation , transferred to the court 15 , involving the amount of compensation 280,000 yuan .
    Qilang focus on lighting design lighting is the town one of the representatives of innovative companies . Its innovative lighting design team has dozens of people , each quarter has launched dozens of independent design and sought after lighting products to the market.
    Zhongshan City Lighting Co., Ltd. Qilang design director Ma said that the design of Qilang speaking, as important as if the soul. Qilang has been attached great importance to the design , annual investment in design accounted for 3% of corporate sales.
    According to reports, Qilang lighting design in order to increase the intensity , but also collaborate with designers in Italy, France and other countries , in cooperation with Tsinghua University and other institutions of higher learning domestic design units , thereby enhancing the company's entire design team and innovative design capabilities. In 2012 , Qilang Lighting Co., Ltd. has won the opportunity to cooperate with the United States leading enterprise retail fixtures for this R & D to design more than 100 series of stylish lighting products and lighting in its thousands of retail stores , so as to Qilang bring considerable economic benefits.
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