promote the development of LED lighting industry by budget over two hundred billion  2014-03-24
Continuous development of LED lighting industry , more and see the development of a breakthrough, METI 268.3 billion in 2009 , including 10 million yuan budget policy-relevant information , including the second supplementary budget , on 28 January 2010 approved by . Which contains many of the LED lighting industry related support budget. LED lighting is expected to play a role in promoting industrial development .
Budget specifically includes , ( 1 ) to extend the green credits (Eco-point) system 232.1 billion 40 million yen ( postponed to the end of 2010 ) ; ( 2 ) IT technologies for carbon -based life process of the 5.4 billion 7000 ten thousand yen ; ( 3 ) to promote green innovation 900,000,000 90,000,000 yen ; ( 4 ) for support in Japan to promote low-carbon industries create employment opportunities 29,700,000,000 10,000,000 yen .
Among them, the " integral promotion of the use of environmentally friendly green appliances universal service ", the bonus points will apply to environmental protection system of digital microwave TV, air conditioning and refrigerator extended to the end of 2010 ( but will improve energy efficiency standards applicable appliances , energy-efficient performance is more limited high commodity ) . Also, the consumers in order to promote energy-saving effect higher switching to LED light bulbs , but also changed the way some environmental integration .
First, the new system uses "Instant Exchange " system, that is, when buying green credits green points on the spot to get the target product . The usual procedure is required to obtain points behind in the registration application . You can use the new system to get real-time integration of the product is "light bulb LED lamp ", " compact fluorescent lamp " and " rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery " and other environmental goods . Secondly , at the time when these commodities are readily convertible , will be converted using a $ 2 bonus points preferential policies ( usually 1 minute exchange ¥ 1 ) . Thus, as 4000 yuan LED bulbs are readily convertible into 2000 points.
In addition , with regard to "in the country to promote a low-carbon industries can create jobs ," is to have the most cutting-edge technology and have potential for development of lithium- ion rechargeable batteries and LED lighting and other energy-saving environmental protection industry should be supported in a foothold , to create green jobs . Estimated that these policies will be to promote the popularity of LED lighting products such as the driving force , so as to promote development and progress.
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