analysis for Development status of China's three major LED lighting industry  2014-03-24
After several years of development, China's LED industry basically formed a relatively complete industrial chain. At the same time , the development , the establishment of standards for LED lighting standards system has entered a rapid development stage . At present , the domestic standard LED semiconductor lighting project involved have basically covered all aspects of the epitaxial chips, packaged devices , products, applications, test equipment and other industrial chain.
Distribution of the status quo of China's LED lighting industry ( a )
Under the "National Semiconductor Lighting Project" to promote , China has established a Shanghai , Xiamen, Dalian , Nanchang , Shenzhen, Yangzhou and Shijiazhuang seven National Semiconductor Lighting Project Industrialization Base . Domestic LED industry distribution as follows .
( 1 ) Pearl River : mainly concentrated in Shenzhen , Zhongshan, Foshan , Huizhou, Guangzhou, Jiangmen and Dongguan and other places. Pearl River Delta region is one of the semiconductor lighting industrial development of the most active and fastest growing region , package, and application of the largest in the country , recently , investment activity from the market, following the transfer of large foreign companies . The most obvious advantage is the market competitive advantage . LED lighting market in Guangdong accounted for 50% of the country . Among them, Guangzhou industrial base focused on research and development , testing, design and other high-end service platform and downstream packaging field , Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Industry has formed "Sapphire - epi - Grain - Packaging - application" complete industrial chain, Jiangmen focused on the downstream packaging , applications, and has been up and epitaxy midstream chip manufacturing extension .
( 2 ) the Yangtze River Delta : In Shanghai , Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Hangzhou , Ningbo, as the representative of the Yangtze River Delta , LED industrial supporting ability, outstanding high-end applications , personnel, funds are concentrated . Among them, Shanghai has been presented in the semiconductor chip manufacturing and packaging applications, a good development trend of the industry , and formed a relatively complete industrial chain and business groups ; Jiangsu semiconductor lighting industry , driven by the development of electronic information industry , is currently in the semiconductor lighting packaging and application has already begun to take shape ; Ningbo has a solid industrial base ( started earlier , as well as lighting manufacturing base ) and economic advantages.
( 3 ) Min Triangle: mainly in Fujian , Jiangxi and Fujian Triangle region upstream of the largest investment scale , epitaxy and chip production capacity, larger chip companies , Taiwanese enterprises have moved more . Xiamen has a good group of advantages, personnel and location advantages . Jiangxi epitaxial materials from upstream , midstream chip manufacturing to downstream device package have achieved large-scale production .
( 4 ) Bohai Bay region : Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Hebei Bohai Bay region , represented by R & D strength is stronger, more focused research and development institutions , with the best epitaxy and chip technology . Especially in Beijing , the R & D advantages are obvious ; Dalian has a solid industrial base of light industry and optoelectronics , " Northeast Asian economic zone centered" economic advantage .
The status quo of China's LED lighting industry standardization (b )
Domestic LED lighting standards revision Overview
According to Nine are building networks , at present, China has promulgated LED standard lighting levels totaling 111 , of which a total of 36 LED national standards , has been approved and is being drafted by a total of eight LED national standards , national standards for the proposed project of 20 LED . LED industry standards that have been issued a total of 56 , LED local standards that have been issued a total of 19 .
Status of the development of domestic LED lighting industry standard system
Standard system is an organic whole standard within a certain range of their intrinsic link formation. LED lighting industry has developed a standard system is in the process of the LED industry , is being developed as well as the need to develop the science of organic whole standard intrinsically linked to their formation , ranging from upstream raw materials, equipment and epitaxial growth , chip manufacturing midstream , standardization process to the downstream packaging and product development, production and application of the entire LED industry chain .
In recent years , LED lighting industry strongly supported national and local governments , standard system significantly faster, and project a large number of LED promulgated national standards, industry standards and local standards , constitute the basic framework of the LED lighting industry standard system .
Domestic LED lighting industry standard system framework is largely based on the core technology features LED industry chain , and stressed LED product applications in the field of lighting and the display is divided into sub- system of common technical standards , materials, epitaxy , chip standard sub- system, package, devices, standard sub- system modules , drivers, control standards sub- system, sub- system, the application of product standards , equipment standards sub- system , special places using standard sub- system, sub- system of seven criteria .
Domestic LED lighting industry standard system framework consists of three levels : the first level includes standard LED chip , LED packaging technology standards and LED lighting standards and other three categories . The second level includes basic standards, performance standards , methods, standards and safety standards and other four categories . The third level includes LED lighting standard test method , the beam can reach 2100lm LED lighting above , the light efficiency can reach 90lm / W or more beams maintain the rate at 90% , next year it will be possible to improve these standards. The publicity of safety standards, including a lamp with LED -based D12 socket , LED lamp, LED fluorescent converters, etc. 4 standard .
Recently, South Korea released a new notification , namely L ED alternative draft on fluorescent lamp standards. The draft raised straight tube can be replaced , safety standards townhouses and ring LED fluorescent lamps . Draft standards related to safety standards can be replaced straight tube , townhouses and ring LED fluorescent lamps , safety and functional requirements specified type LED fluorescent replacement lamps , including security requirements such as insulation resistance, dielectric strength, creepage distances and electrical gap , heat and fire , etc., performance requirements , including luminous flux, color temperature and point / off lifetime .
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